Racine Mourns Vista Jackson

It was a heavy night on Albert Street, two nights after 14-year-old Vista Jackson lost her life. 

The block was filled with a community who came to remember the young girl, and the step-father who came to speak up for the accused shooter.

Music, poetry, and mourning from the family and community to remember 14-year-old Vista Jackson.

\"I would never ever think that one of my sisters would die on me at such a young age,\" Jackson's brother Jonathon Bogan said. \"We all gotta die one day, but I didn't think it would be this soon.\"

\"If we do not get in these children's lives, this is what we deal with,\" neighbor Tara White said. \"We deal with them picking up guns, we deal with them being in gangs.\"

The young girl who everyone loved was shot Thursday night inside a home on Albert Street.

Jackson later died at Children's Hospital.

Police arrested 14-year-old Keller McQuay Friday night, and he's been charged with first degree intentional homicide.

McQuay's step father David Z. Williams Jr. spoke on his behalf at Saturday's vigil.

Williams said he doesn't know where McQuay got the gun.

\"I tried to do all I can to raise him,\" Williams said. \"But I know for a fact that he did not intentionally do this. Does he deserve to do time for playing with a gun? Heck yeah he do. Is he gonna get a lot of time. Yeah he gonna get a lot of time.\"

Williams told CBS 58 McQuay and Jackson were in a relationship, and that a court order was needed, because the two saw each other without adult supervision.

\"Y'all too young to be in this relationship,\" Williams said. \"You got a court order, and you need to listen to me. Neither one of them listened.\"

14-year-old Keller McQuay is being held at the Racine Juvenile Detention Center.

At this time, police have not released any further details on the investigation.

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