Racine mother accused of driving drunk with a toddler in the car

RACINE COUNTY -- The Racine County Sheriff's Office arrested 25-year-old Richanya Butler for allegedly driving drunk while her 15-month-old child laid in the backseat unrestrained.

A sheriff's deputy pulled over Butler on April 4, 2014 at 3:00 a.m. in the Village of Mount Pleasant for speeding and lane deviation. Butler told the deputy she was on her way home from picking up her child's father. The father was passed out in the front passenger's seat, while the child was sleeping in back seat wearing no restraints. 

Butler told the deputy her child's father was intoxicated with alcohol and marijuana. The deputy eventually determined Butler was also impaired by alcohol and marijuana.

Racine County Human Services were called to the traffic stop and released Butler's child into the care of a relative. Butler was instructed not to have any unsupervised visits with her child.

According to the sheriff's office, Butler was arrested for two outstanding warrants.

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