Racine & Me October 29, 2017: Health Care Network, Downtown Racine Walking Ghost Tour, and Wild Root Market

NOW: Racine & Me October 29, 2017: Health Care Network, Downtown Racine Walking Ghost Tour, and Wild Root Market

Jacob Kittilstad is looking ahead to deadlines set for the Healthcare Marketplace. Health Care Network organizes the efforts of 380 volunteer healthcare professionals and also has free clinics in Racine and Waterford. The group is working with the Wisconsin Association of Free and Charitable Clinics to let people know that the 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. They say this information is important because - when people are uninsured - they often end up in emergency rooms with minor health issues (or small health problems that have become serious because they have not been addressed). This causes an overall strain on the healthcare system. Health Care Network schedules about 6,000 appointments with patients annually – these are the people who do not qualify for other assistance programs. Click here to learn more about Health Care Network and their upcoming 30th Anniversary 

The organizers of The Walking Ghost Tour of Downtown Racine joined Jacob in-studio to talk about the final week of their events. The group visits paranormal hot-spots along Main Street and also takes a look at the weird and interesting stories in Racine’s history. That includes everything from “Angel Hair” on the lake to John Dillinger’s breakfast spot before he robbed a local bank. All proceeds raised from the event goes to the Volunteer Center of Racine County. That organization helps link people who want to volunteer with the events that need help.  Click here for more information on the tour

Wild Root Market is in the midst of a capital campaign as they try to raise enough money to develop a Co-op at 500 Walton Avenue. The people working closely on the fundraising project say their $1.125M goal is important because the proposed location is in the middle of a food desert.  In addition, developers say Wild Root Market is dedicated to providing access to high quality, local, natural and organic food at a fair price while also supporting local farmers and organizations like the Eco Justice Center. Click here for more information on Wild Root Market

Guests: Alison Sergio – Health Care Network Inc. Executive Director, Katherine Gaulke – Wisconsin Association for Free and Charitable Clinics Executive Director, Jeff Barrows – Walking Ghost Tour of Downtown Racine Organizer, Joe Povkovich – Volunteer Center of Racine County Spokesperson, Marcia Buhler- Wild Root Market Capital Campaign Chairperson, Lois Braun – Wild Root Market Marketing Chairperson, Rose Woodruff – Eco Justice Center Board of Directors Vice President

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