Racine & Me May 20,2018: Chocolatefest 2018, UW-Parkside Prehistoric Insect Evidence, and Caila Holsapple

NOW: Racine & Me May 20,2018: Chocolatefest 2018, UW-Parkside Prehistoric Insect Evidence, and Caila Holsapple

Jacob Kittilstad highlighted a Burlington man’s search for a kidney (look for a full interview in next week’s episode) before his conversation about what’s new at Chocolatefest 2018. The yearly festival celebrates Burlington’s longstanding connection to chocolate production – and will be bigger than ever despite changes at the local factory that gives the city ubiquitous sweet smell. Click here to learn more about the event

The conversation about Chocolatefest 2018 continued with a mini-demonstration of one of the many chocolate competitions happening at the festivals. Along with candy-inspired fashion and cooking events, the chocolate eating competitions draw some of the most voracious competitors and gleeful crowds. Meet the group of three young women representing the scene who throw around a decent amount of smack talk before chowing down (with varying degrees of success). Click here to visit the website for Chocolatefest

Next, Jacob talked to Jasmina Scekic – a senior at Walden III High School who made a discovery during her independent research at UW-Parkside. She found evidence of prehistoric insects at a dig site where no evidence had been found before. She also talked about here plans after graduating high school. Click here to visit UW-Parkside's Social Media

Caila Holsapple calls herself “The Baby” at most Miss America Organization competitions because she is an 18-year-old high school senior, but she is already making a name for herself. She was the First Runner Up in both the Miss Racine and Miss Milwaukee Pageants – and now she is taking her message focusing on leadership back into the Racine Unified School District. Click here to follow Caila on Facebook

Guests: Linda Fellenz – Chocolatefest Director of Marketing, Casey Roberts – Marketing Department worker for Chocolatefest, Jasmina Scekic – Walden III High School Senior, Dr. Christopher Noto – UW-Parkside Associate Professor of Biology, Caila Holsapple – First Runner Up Miss Racine

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