Racine & Me, March 5, 2016: Westminster Dogs, Empty Bowls, Chick-fil-A Opening, Wisconsin Evolution

They just got back from a whirlwind trip to New York City but the LaPlante family is back and they’re here to tell us all about their experience at the Westminster dog show.

And it’s a moment all of us Racinians have been waiting for:  the grand opening of the brand new Chick-fil-a on Highway 20. We speak with the store's owner and get a sneak peek inside the restaurant.

Plus heads up parents: Jason Coker tells us about Wisconsin Evolution, a basketball program that gets kids moving and raises money for local charities.

But first, we hear about an event Racinians look forward to every year; filling our bellies and raising money for homeless in Racine at the Empty Bowls Charity Event.

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