Racine & Me, June 25, 2016: International Giraffe Day, The Ron Purtee Show, Dan Jam Music Festival

 On this episode of Racine and Me, we discuss a day to celebrate giraffes. We are so lucky that in Racine we have the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures on a daily basis.  That being said, the Racine Zoo hosted an event bringing awareness about the animals and of course bringing some fun with it. 

Next, he's interviewed dozens of celebrities on his entertaining podcast and now, he's getting ready for the 150th episode of his podcast: The Ron Purtee show. And this time, he reveals a big surprise about he show, exclusive to "Racine & Me."

Plus the 8th annual Dan Jam Music Fest returns with a great line up of entertainers this year from poets to reggae bands. We tell you the story of the man behind it all.

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