Racine & Me July 29, 2018: Bryan Steil, Kevin Adam Steen, Racine Public Library Repair Café, & the Olympian 5k/10k

NOW: Racine & Me July 29, 2018: Bryan Steil, Kevin Adam Steen, Racine Public Library Repair Café, & the Olympian 5k/10k

Jacob Kittilstad has completed his set of interviews with every candidate seeking to replace Speaker Paul Ryan. As a former employee, Bryan Steil has been endorsed by Speaker Ryan ahead of the Republican Party primary. The core of his work with the congressman involved economic, finance, and budget issues – and he shared no political criticism of his potential predecessor or President Donald Trump. Steil expressed hope about the possibilities the Foxconn Development will bring to the region – and also shared his opinion on a few key issues including immigration and abortion.

As a follow-up, congressional candidate Kevin Adam Steen joined Jacob in-studio for a discussion on his background. Steen spends most of his time around the Burlington-area and his separated himself from the other candidates by defining his political identity in terms of his religious beliefs. The candidate shared his opinions on abortion, gay marriage, and the legalization of marijuana. He also talked about his support of President Donald Trump – and his skepticism of one of his opponents on the primary ballot: Bryan Steil.

When a toaster stops toasting or a blender stops blending the typical response from people these days is to throw away the appliance. The new Repair Café at the Racine Public Library is hoping to reverse that trend by providing both tools and volunteer-experts to guide people with questions. The volunteers are often older individuals who learned how to be handy by virtue of how they were raised. The goal is to share those skills as they may have not made it through the latest generational jump. Volunteers also can offer guidance on fixing clothing, furniture, and other items you might find around the house. The events are scheduled for the third Sunday of every month at the Racine Public Library from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Get more information by clicking here

And the Wisconsin Senior Olympics has a qualifier race for nationals planned for Racine. The Olympian 5k/10k will take runners on a route along Lake Michigan – and will bring a wide variety of age ranges to the course. While many older racers will be competing in the WSO aspect of the event, younger athletes are also welcome to participate. In fact, organizers with Real Racine say the event will be inter-generational – and past events have included family members supporting one another. Learn more about the Olympian 5k/10k by clicking here

Guests: Bryan Steil – Congressional Candidate, Kevin Adam Steen – Congressional Candidate, Hazel Dickfoss – Repair Café Volunteer and Expert, Jeff Schultz – Repair Café Volunteer and Expert, Cari Greving – Real Racine Events Manager, Dave Hoffman – Wisconsin Senior Olympics Athlete, Ella Greving – 7-year-old Runner

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