Racine & Me July 15, 2018: SC Johnson Aquatic Center, Ken Yorgan, Visioning a Greater Racine, and RAM’s KJB Tribute

NOW: Racine & Me July 15, 2018: SC Johnson Aquatic Center, Ken Yorgan, Visioning a Greater Racine, and RAM’s KJB Tribute

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Jacob Kittilstad doggy-paddled into program by learning more about the SC Johnson Community Aquatic Center. The space – with 15,000 total square feet of water surface – opened to the public about one month ago and is managed by Racine Family YMCA. It was made possible by a $6.5 million donation from SC Johnson which – of course - is headquartered in Racine. Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave also joined the discussion to talk about the amenities and programs offered at the new facility. Click here to learn more about the aquatic center

Next, Dr. Ken Yorgan stopped by the studio to talk about why he is running for Congress. He is running as an Independent meaning that he will not have to go through a primary to make it on the ballot for the general election. He talked about how his outsider status has helped him connect with potential voters while campaigning. He shares his views on Foxconn, money in politics, and marijuana during the interview.

The group Visioning a Greater Racine is hosting a few events ahead of Saturday Sounds on the Square trying to connect with the community – especially younger people. They say their efforts are based off a recent large-scale in-depth survey which asked people to share their opinions on what will make the city of Racine thrive for decades to come. One thing they identified is that many survey-takers were asking for things that already exist in the community – so now they are doing their best to promote those events and programs. Their ‘culture & recreation’ team will be out leading extra activities ahead of upcoming “Saturday Sounds on the Square” dates. Click here to check out more about the organization

The Racine Art Museum is transforming all of their galleries into tributes to Karen Johnson Boyd – an art collector and philanthropist who supported the museum for decades. The curator of exhibitions explains how the galleries will be organized and why it’s important to recognize “KJB” as someone who committed so voraciously to donating to the arts in the city. Click here to learn more about the exhibitions

Guests: Amy Winters – SC Johnson Public/Corporate Communications Director, Jonathan Delagrave – Racine County Executive, Dr. Ken Yorgan – Independent Congressional Candidate, Trevor Jung – Visioning a Greater Racine Community Engagement Coordinator, Beth Bender – Visioning a Greater Racine “Culture & Recreation” Team Member, Lena Vigna – Racine Art Museum Curator of Exhibitions

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