Racine & Me: "Into the Woods" with the Racine Theatre Guild

Racine & Me: “Into the Woods“ with the Racine Theatre Guild

RACINE, Wis (CBS 58) -- The Racine Theatre Guild is putting on the show of "Into the Woods" and you can see it in just a few weeks. 

Director Robert Kroes, and actress/actors Megan Seager and Shawn Holmes joined us in studio to perform and provide details of the show. 

The plot? A cow as white as milk. Cape as red as blood. Hair as yellow as corn. Slipper as pure as gold. These are the enchanted ingredients that make Stephen Sondheim’s fractured fairytale. A childless baker and his wife set out to lift the Witch’s curse by journeying into the woods and encounter Jack with his beanstalk, Cinderella with her prince, Rapunzel with her tower, and Little Red Ridinghood with her wolf. The epic adventure grants all of their wishes, but what are the consequences when their dreams come true? Darkly comical and tunefully touching, the imaginative musical is a timeless classic. 

The show takes place from July 15-July 31. 

$20 for Adults

$18 for Seniors (62+)

$15 for Students (21 & under)

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