Racine & Me February 4, 2018: Evie Kalmar’s Unplugged Artistic Event Planning and the “Senior Driver Resource” Test

NOW: Racine & Me February 4, 2018: Evie Kalmar’s Unplugged Artistic Event Planning and the “Senior Driver Resource” Test

Jacob Kittilstad welcomed Evie Kalmar to the studio to talk about Unplugged Artistic Event Planning – an organization that takes a grass-roots approach to modeling, photography, hair styling, and make-up artistry. She has a background in alternative modeling – which is exemplified by her tattoos, piercings, and horror-esque style. After years of work she has developed a network of people who want to add to their portfolios. While balancing her career in Racine (where she grew up) – she also organizes low cost events in visually interesting spaces for people who want to get more experience and exposure. Click here for more information

On a whim, Jacob asked Evie Kalmar to organize a scaled-back version of one of her events in the Racine & Me studio – and she flexed her ability to connect with people. In the span of a few hours, make-up and hair stylists transformed models into couture clothing-wearing photography subjects – with photographers re-imagining the studio space as a glamourous ballroom. The results – shown in the video below – were stunning.

Next the people behind the Senior Driver Resource talked to Jacob about a new online test they developed to analyze the driving abilities of seniors. Developed in Racine County, the test screens people for dementia, eye issues, slow reflexes, concerns in their medical history, and knowledge of the rules of the road. The goal of the test is not necessarily to prove that someone should not be driving – instead it can tell people when they can safely drive (for example – someone maybe shouldn’t drive at night, but driving during the day is still fine). Click here to go to their website

Finally, Jacob takes the test himself to see its effectiveness. Through the guided test, developers showed him how a healthcare provider could use its results to identify driving risks – and how to reduce them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there will be 40 million drivers older than 65 by the year 2020.

Guests: Evie Kalmar – Unplugged Artistic Event Planning, Michael Hoeppner – Milwalking Portraits Photographer, Robyn Schlei – Illuminate Hair and Makeup, Katrina Christine – The Posh Beauty Bar, Emily Anne – Emily Anne Artistry, Nicole Haagensen – The Cutting Edge Salon & Spa, Kayla Syracuse – LaLoggia Salon, Ashley Marie Mickelson – Glitter Gang Makeup Artistry, Nora Lynn – Freelance Hair Stylist, Rachel Frank – RDF by Rachel Frank Clothing Designer, Topher Gould – Dark Idea Photography & Design LLC Photographer, Rick Wright – Iris Imprints Photography Inc. Photographer, Patrick Goldammer – Senior Driver Resource, Tom Roanhouse – Senior Driver Resource

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