Racine & Me February 18, 2018: DACA Protests, Racine’s Malted Milk History, and the Belle City Brewfest

NOW: Racine & Me February 18, 2018: DACA Protests, Racine’s Malted Milk History, and the Belle City Brewfest

Jacob Kittilstad started the program with an interview with a young man who has DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and has been involved in protests outside of the Racine office of Speaker Paul Ryan. He says that – although he was born in Mexico – from age 1 onward he was raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. It wasn’t until he was 16-years-old and tried to apply for his first job at a Pick ‘n Save that he realized he did not have a social security number. He talks about why he is putting pressure on politicians to take action on DACA – calling for a path to citizenship.

Next Jacob interviewed a local man who is not only a collector – but also a deeply knowledgeable historian. The owner of Karwowski's Oak Clearing Farm showed off a few pristine examples of early drink mixers for malted milk (a product that has a long history in the city). It was first developed by the Horlick family for use by people who have severe physical maladies – people who needed the nutritious aspect of the product. Later it was integrated into ice cream drinks…and the rest is nostalgic history. Click here to learn more about Karwowski's Oak Clearning Farm

The Belle City Brewfest is returning to the Racine Civic Centre in March and the event has ballooned over the past few years. The event brings together dozens of breweries to show off their beer selections – in the cozy environment of Festival Hall. Another tradition that’s really taken off – the creation of pretzel/beef jerky lanyards that people where as they wall around the space. Click here for more information on the Belle City Brewfest

The home-brewing portion of the Belle City Brewfest has also expanded through the years – accelerated by the prize: a special batch produced by Lakefront Brewery. Jacob also unveiled his entry into this year’s competition: Horlick’s Malted Red Ale. Also – a past multi-year winner – the owner of Hop To It Brewing and Wine Making Supplies offered a direct challenge. Click here to learn more about his shop

Guests: Josue Dávalos – Live in Racine and has DACA, Gerald Karwowski – Collector, Historian, and owner of Karwowski’s Oak Clearing Farm, Amanda Gain – Racine Civic Centre Executive Director, Mark Flynn – Owner of Hop To It Brewing and Winemaking Supplies

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