Racine & Me Dec 26th: Getting out of College Debt Free, Racine Zoo Winter Wonderland, Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive

We started out this show airing some of the buzzworthy stories coming out of Racine. One of them focused on a beaver who was caught standing in the middle of the road and then freed back into the wild by a Caledonia Police officer. The other explained why breweries will soon be making their way to Racine.

Many people think the Racine Zoo is closed during the winter, but in fact, many animals thrive in their outdoor exhibits in the cold weather. The ED from the Zoo came on to tell us about “Winter Wonderland” which is a celebration of all of the cold-weather loving animals and also to explain some of the activities happening at the zoo right now.

Finally, we all give our spare change to the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle drive during the holidays, but many people don’t realize the money stays hyper-local, and many families are personally touched by the donations. We speak with the Salvation Army about the different programs they offer for people in need in our area and how deeply these donations effect those who benefit from them.

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