Racine & Me, April 16th: Get Behind the Arts Tour

This show is all about the arts… the Racine Art Museum’s “Get Behind the Arts Tour,” to be exact.

We heard from a variety of local artists, starting with Nancy Harrer, a trained chef and fine art photographer who showed us some of her work and told us the nuts and bolts of the event.

Then poet Nick Demske told us all about the exciting preview party happening in Kenosha as well as the “BONK” poetry event on Saturday night.

Lisa Bigalske specializes in prints; she showed us some examples of her work and we also were able to see the collectible button she created specifically for the tour.

And finally we talked to Elmer Golon. He’s an artist, furniture designer, photographer, web designer on the tour, and we got a sneak preview of his work.

Get Behind the Arts Tour Info: http://getbehindthearts.com/

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