Racine Man Shoots at Female Acquaintances Vehicle with AR-15 Rifle

A Racine man allegedly fired several rounds with an AR-15 rifle at a female acquaintance’s vehicle.

According to Racine Police Department, officers responded to an address in the 3700 block of Clairmont Street on Monday around 10:51 PM.

Officers located the evidence of shots fired.

Preliminary investigation indicated that Timothy Holloway and a female acquaintance were involved in a argument at the address.

The argument escalated into an altercation where the female struck Holloway once.

Holloway responded by going into his house and retrieving an AR-15 rifle, exiting the house and firing several rounds at the vehicle and entered the passenger compartment.

No injuries were reported.

Holloway was arrested for reckless endangerment, armed while intoxicated and disorderly conduct.

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