Racine Man Leaving Personal Injury Attorney's Office Allegedly Stood behind 91-Year-old's Car in Reverse

A Racine man has been charged with a crime against an elderly person after placing himself behind a 91-year-old’s vehicle allegedly in hopes to be injured.

The 91-year-old reported he was on prescribed heart medicine.

Demetrius Cannon was leaving the building of personal injury attorneys Habush, Habush and Rottier with his girlfriend when he noticed a moving vehicle, according to the criminal complaint.

He told police he “jimmied out of the way like Barry Sanders.”

The defendant insisted he tried to jump out of the way of the moving vehicle, and his right leg was injured.

Review of surveillance video shows that the defendant’s left leg was facing the car.

The defendant is seen in the video standing next to the elderly victim’s car, looking left and right, starting to walk faster as the car backs up.

He moved behind the car as it backed up and then falls in a forward motion from his standing motion toward the vehicle.

There was dirt and dust still undisturbed on the vehicle where the defendant claimed he had been hit. 

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