Racine man crashes car after fleeing from police; hides inside home in the area

Officers with the Racine Police Department attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a vehicle after two traffic violations in the area of Geneva St. and Albert St.

According to the criminal complaint, the driver, Demond Seay, pulled his vehicle towards the side of the road as if he was going to stop but continued to drive.

Seay then increased his speed to approximately 50 mph and failed to stop at stop signs. Seay slowed down in the area of Yout and Erie where his passenger bailed from the car and fled on foot.

Seay then sped up to over 70 mph and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle flipped several times before taking down a tree and coming to rest in a yard on Erie Street.

The responding officer assumed that Seay was trapped in the vehicle, but found the car to be empty when he arrived at the car.

Several residents advised police that the driver had fled on foot.

Officers learned that Seay was let into a home on Erie Street after telling residents he was injured in a car accident.

Police located him in a back bedroom and took him into custody. 

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