Racine Man Charged with Child Abuse for "Smacking" Son for not behaving in School

A Racine man has been charged with physical abuse of a child after his son went to school with bruises and told administrators he was smacked for a bad report from school.

According to the criminal complaint, the Elementary School student went to the office with red marks on his cheek.

The 9-year-old said his father had smacked him Tuesday morning before school and told him, “That’ll teach you to be good in school."

According to the son, the father then took his belt off and struck him twice on his legs by the knees. The boy said his pants were on and it was not very hard. There were no marks.

He told police this had happened before.

When the father was arrested he said to police, “I don’t beat my kids.”


He told police he was disciplining his son because he is continually getting in trouble at school and he has spent alot time with teachers and staff trying to rectify his son’s behavior.

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