Racine Man Charged with Battery for Stabbing at Main Moon

A Racine man has been charged with stabbing and substantial battery of a victim at Main Moon Restaurant on Tuesday night.

Alfredo Gutierrez was charged with substantial battery and disorderly conduct use of a dangerous weapon.

The victim said Tuesday night his brother called him and told him that Alfredo punched him because he would not give him a ride home. His brother delivered for Main Moon and Alfredo’s girlfriend was a cashier at Main Moon.

The victim drove to Main Moon to support his brother. Alfredo, Alfredo’s girlfriend and his brother were walking into restaurant when he arrived.

The victim asked Alfredo why he punched his brother.

Alfredo tried to get the victim to exit the restaurant with him.

The victim and his brother allegedly did not follow Alfredo.

They walked back to their car and Alfredo started walking towards them swearing.

Alfredo put his hand in front of him and he had a gun. He hit the victim in the head and shoulder with the gun.

He then pulled out a knife and tried to stab the victim in the stomach three times. He then tried to stab him in his leg.

Alfredo ended up stabbing him in his thigh.

He had the knife in his right hand because he had the gun in his left the whole time. 

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