Racine Man Charged for Selling Cocaine that was Found in His Buttocks

Willneal Cheeks has been charged in Racine for selling cocaine after it was found in his buttocks.

According to the criminal complaint, a search warrant was obtained due to an investigation into whether Cheeks was selling cocaine in his residence.

When police reached Cheeks’ door in the apartment complex and breached the door they allegedly witnessed Cheeks run.

Cheeks was stopped on the couch by police. He was handcuffed and told to turn over. Cheeks complained he sprained his ankle. Cheeks complained he could not spread his feet because of a sprained ankle.

The officer searched Cheeks and found a hard lump of cocaine in the buttocks area.

Police allegedly found twenty different baggies of cocaine. There were no crack pipes in the residence.

Cheeks did not have any physical signs of using cocaine.

Cheeks was charged four previous times for possession of a narcotic. 

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