Racine Man Arrested for Disorderly Conduct Allegedly Kicks then Threatens to Kill Officer

A Racine man is accused of kicking and threatening to kill a Racine Police Officer after being arrested for disorderly contact in a parking lot.

Percy Johnson has been charged with battery to law enforcement officer, threat to law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded on January 31 at 2:25 AM to a parking lot in the 1300 block of 16th Street for a reported fight.

When they arrived, they were approached by Johnson who said he had been involved in an incident in the lot with two others.

The officer advised Johnson to wait on the side of the street while they approached the two other individuals. Instead Johnson followed the officer to a car and when the man rolled down his window Johnson punched him in front of the cop.

The officers took Johnson in custody. During the search, Johnson said he wanted an ambulance because he sustained a head injury.

Rescue arrived on the scene and when they officers opened the squad car door Johnson refused to exit the vehicle on his own.

According to the complaint, he said “take me out,” and then after getting Johnson out of the vehicle he said, “You drug me out the car!”

Because of his uncooperative nature, police decided to transport him to the be medically cleared instead of having the ambulance take him.

They placed him back into the squad, but Johnson’s feet were still hanging outside the squad. When they tried to place his feet in the car he began frantically kicking the officers.

While en route to the hospital, Johnson whispered “I’m going to find your address on Facebook and kill you and your family.” When asked what he said, Johnson responded, “You know what I said.”

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