Racine Lawmaker Working to Change State's CBD Oil Law

Changes could be coming to the way Wisconsin regulates CBD oil, often used to treat patients with seizures. It could just be the solution for families, some of them local, who have been forced to move out of state to care for a loved one.

State Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) is pushing to change current state law, and allow people to have CBD oil without a prescription.

Wanggaard held a public hearing Tuesday in Madison to get the ball rolling on that change.

CBD oil is a marijuana plant extract that does not have the chemical which can be used to give people a high.

Last year Governor Scott Walker signed a bill legalizing CBD oil as a way to treat seizures. Doctors in Wisconsin can't prescribe it, and that means the law can't work as people hoped it would.


CBS 58's Sandra Torres traveled to Colorado to speak to Vicky Pletka and her Wisconsin family. The moved to Colorado so they could get CBD oil for their four-year old daughter, Lily.

Pletka says she watched Tuesday’s hearing from Colorado, and wishes she could have testified about the law.

"It needs to be changed now. I heard one mom say our kids don't have that time to wait for the research and that's exactly it, they don't have the time now is the time. They need to change now.

Pletka say her Lily has not had a single seizure this month, and a CBD oil product is the only thing she's using to prevent seizures. Pletka also says Lily was averaging 30 to 50 seizures a day while on doctor prescribed preventative medicine.

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