Racine kid is a CEO at 10!

He's a kid and he's a CEO and he's gaining some much deserved recognition.

Alex Hart-Upendo is the founder and CEO of Build-a-Bow, a budding non-profit custom bow-tie business and community project based out of Racine.

Alex has been recognized by the state of Wisconsin and Governor Walker for his efforts, as well as been featured on national TV.

Additionally, he's being honored this month at EY's prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards program for the Midwest.

Alex has an exceptionally high IQ and experienced homelessness as a child which led to him being isolated and bullied.

At the age of only five, he wanted to take the term "nerd" and turn it in to something cool so he created Build-a-Bow.

Build-a-Bow is a fashion events business that provides attendees the materials and instruction needed to make their very own personalized bow ties and hair bows.

The death of his grandfather (famed UWM football player Eddie "The Pony" Hart) inspired Alex to expand the company in to a non-profit community project with 40% of proceeds go back in to the community.

Alex also wrote a book titled "Bullies, Bowties and Brilliant Alex."

It's a multicultural picture book written to encourage the inner entrepreneur in children.

40% of all book proceeds will be donated to underprivileged children and schools.

Incredibly, Alex forgives his bullies.

"I believe everybody deserves a second chance."

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