Racine gears up for the "Big Chill" this weekend

When you're a snow sculptor, creating a work of art, negative degree wind chills-- can be a good thing.

\"We like it real cold,\" said Mark Hurst, with Snowblind Snow Sculptures.

Hurst and his team are just one of many competing for a spot at the a national snow sculpting competition at Lake Geneva next year.

\"You stay pretty active moving snow and shoveling it away or chiseling it out of the block, you keep pretty warm,\" explained Hurst.

The 25th annual state championship for snow sculpting is part of the \"Big Chill\" in downtown Racine this weekend.

\"It's good, because a few weeks ago,\" said Ron Thomas, with AGA Nation, \"we were afraid it was going to get canceled, because of no snow, and clearly we were wrong.\"

Skiers and snowboarders with AGA Nation's Downtown Rail Jam are a new addition this year, their hill next to Monument Square is open to the public.

\"If kids out there are cool enough to tough it out, then they should come out and join us, because we're not going to close it down,\" said Thomas.

\"We're hoping that over the weekend it warms up just a little bit more,\" said Vicki Hastings, with Downtown Racine Corporation, \"so we can bundle up the kids, and bring them down for this great family event.\"

As skiers and snowboarders get ready for their competition Saturday, sculptors will be working around the clock to get their masterpieces ready for the final judging on Sunday.

\"It's just a lot of fun,\" said Hurst.

The event is free, open to the public, and open 24-hours.

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