Racine family seeks help for getting son back home

NOW: Racine family seeks help for getting son back home

RACINE, (CBS 58)-- A family from Racine is asking the community to help in transporting their son back to Wisconsin after suffering a serious injury in Mexico.

Nine-year-old Fernando Duran is in critical condition after a four-wheeler accident. He is currently being hospitalized in Mexico, but it is getting expensive for the family since the insurance does not cover his hospital care in Mexico. They hope the community can find it in their hearts to help bring him home.

"We rushed him to the hospital after the incident and they did a scan on his head and noticed that his brain was bleeding," said Vanessa Duran, Fernando's mom.

The boy had to get surgery to get the blood suctioned out of his brain and was put in an induced coma. The road to recovery is still a long one for Fernando. His mom has been by his side the whole time, but is hurting to see her son like this.

"He's kind, he likes to talk to everyone. He's always happy, doing his Tik Toks," said Duran.

They never imagined their trip to Mexico would end like this. Financially, it's expensive to keep him in the hospital in Mexico.

"The insurance isn't covering it, and they're having to pay every single day for the stay," said Katie Castaneda, Fernando's aunt.

They want to fly him back to the U.S. so he can get the attention and care he needs, but it is expensive to fly him under the condition he is in right now. His aunt made a Go Fund Me page and they are hoping to get all the help they can get to bring him back home.

"There's just been so many people offering to help and it's just so nice that there's people that don't even know you that are willing to help," said Castaneda.

"We need all the prayers so he can be the silly boy that he used to be," said Duran.

A link to the Go Fund Me page where you can help donate can be found here.

They also have a cash app where you can send money directly.

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