Racine County Sheriff's Office no longer aggressively searching for missing endangered woman

In an update to CBS 58 on Thursday, the Racine County Sheriff's Office says they are no longer aggressively searching for Lynn Rickard the woman who went missing Sunday morning. She has now been missing for more than four days.

Officials say they’ve exhausted their efforts in the immediate area and that the chances of finding a missing person are high in the first 48 hours, and if the person is still missing after that, they rely on tips from family or people who may know something.

Officials may send an employee up with a drone every once in a while to help in the search, but the exhaustive search methods from the past few days have ended.

On Wednesday morning nearly 30 emergency departments and 130 people banded together to do a shoulder to shoulder search search from the missing woman's home. Sheriff Schmaling said Wednesday, “we have now entered day four of our nonstop search for Lynn. Although we remain cautiously optimistic and hopeful, as every hour passes I am becoming more and more concerned about the outcome, the Racine County Sheriff's Office is committed to trying to bring some closure to Lynn Rickard's family".

Authorities still believe that Rickard is suffering from a mental illness and left her house nude. She was last seen walking west through a field approximately half a mile from her house. 59-year-old Rickard is oxygen dependent and is unable to go long periods of time without the aid of her oxygen tank.

Rickard's family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her return.

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