Racine County says city owes more than $700,000

Racine County filed a claim against the City of Racine after they said the city withheld two quarterly payments for joint dispatch services.

Each quarterly payment is worth $350,474.75, making the total amount due $700,949.50.

According to the county, the city is upset over staffing with joint dispatch and believes they should pay less.

In October of 2010, the county, city, and three other municipalities ( Caledonia, Mount Pleasant, and Sturtevant) joined into a joint dispatch services contract.

The contract was signed by the Mayor of Racine, John Dickert, and others.

CBS 58 called Mayor Dickert for comment, but the call was not returned.

The Racine City Attorney was also contacted and he was able to confirm knowledge of the claim, but wouldn't elaborate on it.

The city has 120 days to respond to the claim.

While this works itself out, County Executive Jim Ladwig said that dispatch service would not be interrupted.

He added that he thinks something will get done and that Racine will pay up.

The claim states that the city is violating the contract and that the county can terminate the contract.

Ladwig also said that no other communities have complained about the agreement.
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