Racine County Fair's Beer Policy

Racine County Fair is going on right now and they do things a little differently than other local festivals when it comes to serving beer.

More than 100,000 people come to the fair over it's five-day run, but Sheriff Christopher Schmaling tells us year after year almost no arrests are made.

Schmaling says there's almost never any problems at the fair and he believes it's because no one is allowed to walk the fairgrounds with alcohol.

There are three areas where people can buy beer or wine: the grandstand the Winegarden and the activities tent.

They are fenced in, you have to show your ID to get in, and they even have entertainment like live music.

But once you’ve bought an adult beverage you have to stay put.

Schmaling says it's all about making sure people are able to have a good time, without ruining someone else's.

"If we do see someone who has had too much to drink, our focus is to get them home safe. I don't want anyone drinking and driving. Our first impression isn't to arrest, it's to talk them down and get them a safe ride home so they don't disrupt the families that are here,” said Schmaling.

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