Racine Correctional Institute supervisor accused of inappropriate relationship with inmate

NOW: Racine Correctional Institute supervisor accused of inappropriate relationship with inmate

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Racine Correctional Institute supervisor is accused of an inappropriate relationship with an inmate. 

Investigators tell CBS 58 what started as flirting between an inmate and unit supervisor ended in a sexual relationship that went on for several months. Now, that supervisor has been removed from her position, and is facing 41 felony counts.

According to the Racine County Sheriff's Office, the supervisor was identified as 36-year-old Jacqueline M. Heidt. 

She has worked for the Department of Corrections for 11 years. She has been at the Racine Correctional Institute since 2017.

"It is my understanding that she actually had two offices within the correctional institute," said Lt. Michael Luell of the Racine County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators allege it is in those offices that the two had sex.

The sheriff's office says investigators interviewed the inmate who said he began a sexual relationship with Heidt in April of 2022. He said the inappropriate relationship would occur in Heidt's office three to four times per week. 

"The inmate estimated that they had full sexual intercourse at least 20 times, up to approximately 40 times and that there were other sexual acts that were performed during this relationship," said Lt. Luell.

Lt. Luell says the relationship was discovered when the inmate was hospitalized earlier this month. There, they uncovered a cell phone on him -- something inmates are not allowed to have.

"And he was very forthright that a unit supervisor named Jacqueline Heidt who is at the Racine Correctional Institute and participates in supervising him and correctional staff had provided him with that burner phone," said Lt. Luell.

On the phone...

"It's evidence of pictures, some of which are explicit. There are text messages which are of a relationship in nature," said Lt. Luell.

Lt Luell says Heidt initially denied the accusation - claiming the prisoners were making up stories, but then, they also discovered a cell phone in Heidt's vehicle.

"The investigators confronted her with the items, the images, the messages that were on the phone. At that point her demeanor completely changed. The color drained out of her face and she decided she didn't want to talk anymore. Even though they're an adult, according to the eyes of the law and the law that was duly passed by the legislature they have determined that the inmate doesn't have the legal ability to grant consent to have any type of sexual contact or intercourse," said Luell.

The investigators arrested Heidt, transported her to the Racine County Jail, where she is being held on a cash bail of $1,105,000, for the following charges:

  • 2nd Degree Sexual Assault by Correctional Staff, Wis Stat. § 940.225(2)(h) – 20 counts
  • Misconduct in Public Office, Wis Stat. § 946.12(2) – 20 counts
  • Deliver Illegal Articles to Inmate, Wis. Stat. § 302.095(2)(a)1

If found guilty, Heidt could spend the rest of her life behind bars.

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