Ra- Sing & Me: Meet Mark Paffrath

Ra- Sing & Me: Meet Mark Paffrath

RACINE, Wis (CBS 58) - Musician Mark Paffrath joined CBS 58's Alex Corradetti in studio to discuss his upcoming shows and musical appearances. 

Paffrath has a 50-year history in music. He had an interest ever since he was a kid. 

"Pop/folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Paffrath has been charming audiences for over 25 years. From the concert and festival stage to your local bar and grill or coffeehouse, his thoughtfully chosen interpretations and well crafted original music are as much about his history as where he would like to be; as much about how the world is, as the way he’d like to see it.

His observations, repartee and humor are self-deprecating but keen, quirky and refreshing. His command of vocal and instrumental skills is well honed from years of performing. Artists of his genuine sensitivity and caring are rare and often alienated or discouraged by the music business - but this is all he ’s ever wanted to do - and he’s doing it!" 

Every Wednesday Mark is the ongoing host of an acoustic open mic located at Union Park Tavern in Kenosha from 7-10 p.m.

He will also perform at Music & More on June 9th at noon and on August 19th at 7pm. 

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