Puppy dies after Children allegedly Stab him with Stick; His Sister Never Left his Side

MESQUITE, Texas (CBS NEWS) -- A Dallas animal rescue organization says a woman found children stabbing two puppies with a stick in a park Saturday, reports CBS Dallas.

Rushing to their aid as the children fled, the woman took the dogs to a nearby animal shelter. Both puppies were reportedly covered in cuts and scrapes.

The male puppy, named Hogan, had a swollen leg and couldn't walk. His sister, Macey, wouldn't leave his side while he was in pain, their foster mother Erin Balon told the station.

"She would try to play with him and she would snuggle up next to him when he wasn't feeling well," said Balon. "She was beside him the whole time. She never left his side."

Ultimately, Hogan needed surgery for his wounds, and did not survive. His sister was heartbroken, according to Balon.

"She was crying all night... like this wailing sound that I've never heard from a dog," said Balon, fighting back tears.

The woman who found the puppies and witnessed the alleged abuse didn't leave her name with the shelter, according to the station. The station reports that two children alleged to have attacked the dogs have not been identified.

The rescue group is hoping the witness will eventually come forward, according to CBS Dallas.

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