Pug Fest Invades Milwaukee Area

Get ready for an invasion of cute. Pug Fest, dedicated to the little dogs with the smushed faces, comes back for it's 12th year in the Milwaukee area this weekend. 

Susan Schwarz, one of the organizers, joined us on the CBS 58 News at 4 to tell us all about it. "It's a chance for people in the Midwest to get together and run around... a giant area full of pugs," she said.

Pug Fest hosted 35-hundred people last year, and 17-hundred dogs. "People selling pug things, a number of rescue groups come in, also pug races, pug costumes, anything pug you ever want to know about," Schwarz said.  

Schwarz is a pug owner herself, and brought her little "Billy Boots" into the studio to help promote the event. Schwarz thinks pugs, and pug owners, are a special breed. ""If I'm driving on the street and I see some people walking a pug... I'll pull over and start talking to them... we don't even know each other but we'll have a conversation. Other people do it too," she said, "there are people who love other breeds, but none of them go to this extreme."

Pug Fest happens Sunday, May 15 at the Milwaukee County Indoor Sports Complex. Click here for more information.  

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