Protesters take their emotions to the streets in response to ruling in Breonna Taylor's case

NOW: Protesters take their emotions to the streets in response to ruling in Breonna Taylor’s case

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)-- There were more than 100 people shouting and chanting Breonna Taylor's name in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday, Sept. 24. 

Protesters started at Marquette University, walked through several college campuses and ended up at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

Many say this is a case that has rocked the nation. They say Taylor has become another face added to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

People say they don’t expect this to be the last unfair case, which is why they say they will continue to protest for future George Floyds and Breonna Taylors.

Protesters say it’s the same narrative: an African American hurt or killed in the hands of law enforcement and still no real consequences.

They say it’s becoming the "norm."

“I think it would be nice to feel like we’re heard because we’ve been out here for a while now. I agree that yesterday’s ruling was really disappointing but unfortunately it wasn’t surprising. I would have hoped for better but I think there’s a pattern we’ve all caught on to at this point," Grace Babor said. She is a junior at Marquette University.

One organizer says they've been screaming Black Lives Matter for years and now it's time for everyone to wake up.

“How many times have we chanted this? How many times have we told politicians to make legislation for our laws? How many times have we asked officers to stop using excessive force? How many times are we going to have to repeat the same message for people to understand that my very life is important?”

People tell CBS 58 that this won't be the last protest here in Milwaukee. They're hoping consistency brings change.

A group called Black Lives are Sacred MKE, that has been out every Thursday for ten weeks, was near 10th and State Thursday. 

"It was really important to us as Catholics to communicate with our Black brothers and sisters that we were standing with them right now, that we cared," said Sara Larson who helped organize the event.

She said they have events lined up in October as well. 

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