Protesters and supporters react to Chief Morales keeping his job

NOW: Protesters and supporters react to Chief Morales keeping his job

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - While the Milwaukee Police Chief’s fate was being decided inside City Hall, protesters outside were making sure their voices were heard.

A group of protesters marched from Cathedral Square Park, calling for Morales to be fired.

“The people that live here in Milwaukee, they want different, they want change, and Morales just ain’t cutting it,” said community organizer Tory Lowe.

“We came in here to stand for justice,” said Jose Acevedo, whose son Joel was killed by an off duty Milwaukee police officer.

“This is not just about my son, Joel, this is about the community as a whole, the struggles we have all been going through,” said Acevedo.

He’s among the many voices calling for Morales to go.  “It’s time for a change,” said Acevedo, “it’s time for the community to start healing to have that open line of communication with the Milwaukee Police Department.

But also at City Hall Monday were protesters who wanted Morales to keep his job.

“We’re hoping we have Alfonso Morales as our chief at the end of tonight,” said Dale Bormann, President of the Milwaukee Police Association.

“I think there are a lot of citizens inside the City of Milwaukee that are rooting for Chief Morales, and the whole department is behind him, and I think all the citizens are behind him too,” said Bormann.

The crowd wasn’t allowed inside, but word soon spread that the chief will keep his job.

“It’s nice to hear,” said Bormann, who hopes this leads to more support from the community.  “It’s time to, we do definitely need to get the support from the citizens of Milwaukee,” he said.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” said Acevedo when he heard Morales was keeping his job.  “But I can say this, the battle's not over yet, it’s just beginning, justice will be served,” he said.

After the meeting, the group marched through the streets of downtown. It’s the 53rd straight day of marching in the City of Milwaukee.

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