Protest planned during NRA's Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee

NOW: Protest planned during NRA’s Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee

Some call it a license to kill and other's call it protection. A new kind of gun insurance has sparked debate. It protects a person who shoots someone in self-defense.

The National Rifle Association will be holding a gun conference in Milwaukee. They say the point is to educate gun owners about protecting themselves but the protesters that plan to be there on Friday say it only adds to the city's violence problem. 

"We could have 6,000 more people in downtown Milwaukee this weekend carrying firearms."

That's how many people are expected to attend the Carry Guard Expo at Milwaukee's Wisconsin Center.

The National Rifle Association says it will be a time of empowerment. Others say it's a recipe for disaster.

"When we saw they were going to have a fashion show Friday night with conceal carry accessories, we thought that was really tone deaf considering the damage conceal carry has done to our state and the number of lives lost in Milwaukee," said Anneliese Dickman.

Dickman is with the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort. They, along with other groups, say with a peaceful demonstration, they plan to show the NRA and its supporters the damage that guns have caused in Milwaukee.

"Gun deaths and being armed is not the solution to your problems," said Samuel Alford.

"What better place to have an event where the focus is education advocacy training and protection than in a city that has an issue with gun crime," said a representative with the NRA.

Aside from firearm training, survival and self-defense techniques, the NRA plans to sell insurance to help people pay for the financial and legal issues they may face. If they shoot someone lawfully, coverage up to 1.5 million dollars.

"What these programs are designed to do is provide peace of mind and protection for someone who lawfully uses their firearm and are acquitted of crimes in court," said an NRA representative. 

The convention will be Friday through Sunday. It's open to everyone and costs $20 to register. The demonstration begins at 6 p.m. on Friday. 

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