Prosecutor Shortage Enabling Contractor Thefts

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says more prosecutors are needed statewide.

Schimel says some contractor theft cases are being buried in the pile of cases most assistant district attorneys handle. Because of that, Schimel says some contractors are getting away with ripping off families.

Schimel said, "I know what's happening here, and I know that what's happening is the DAs offices are overwhelmed."

Schimel said homeowners can sue contractors in civil court, but that could just become a dead end. He said, "It's not a simple answer to say well these people have a civil remedy, because they do technically but from a practical standpoint they really won't get anything."

Schimel is asking the state to fund more prosecutors, and said, "Unfortunately, often times it's people who are ripped off in property crimes who pay the price for that by not having the help that they deserve."

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