Proposed Water Project Turns "Some Off" in Brookfield

(Brookfield)--A water issue in one Brookfield neighborhood has some tempers reaching the boiling point.

Eight inch water mains are expected to be placed in the Bluemound Estates neighborhood. As a result 150 homes will be assessed, as high as up to $20 thousand, in the next decade. The city would also assess a 7% interest rate to be compounded annually. The homeowner would also have to hire a plumber to help install the water lines, costing perhaps as much as $6 thousand. Project backers insist this is all for the betterment of the community and the health of each individual. Some neighbors we spoke with say they feel left out in the entire process.

Homeowners have the option of keeping their wells but for a cost of several hundred dollars in the next five years. Also the fee for abandoning a well runs at least one thousand dollars. But before any of this happens, the common council has to give its green light to the $1.7 million project on Tuesday. The meeting starts at 7 pm.

It's important to also mention this project is part of a promise made by the city of Brookfield more than a decade ago to have everyone under city water.

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