Propane Shortage Affecting "Flower Power"

(West Bend)--Mayfield Nursery in West Bend is feeling the effects of the recent propane shortage. It's estimated there's 40% less supply compared to last year. And accordingly, the prices have risen some 40 to 50% as well.

Owner Mark Schultz says it costs about $1.5 millions to run his business with about ten percent of the expenses coming from heating. So after some number crunching, he decided to make changes with day-to-day operations. He's trying to cut back on energy consumption as much as possible while operating at a third of his normal capacity.
His propane vendor says his supply shouldn't be cut off anytime soon, and things should return to normal sooner than later.

There have been many reasons given as to why there's been a shortage in this liquid petroleum gas, including an extended period of cold weather, higher amounts of propane exports, and a surge from corn farmers. Schultz says he might look into natural gas if this situation doesn't resolve itself in the immediate future. He tells CBS58 in the meantime he'll eat the higher propane costs and not forward it on to his customers.

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