Principal in Wisconsin loses Halloween bet, Shaves Head

AUBURNDALE, Wis. (WSAW) It started off with a bet. Principal Jamie Delikowski at Auburndale Middle and High School told his staff last week, if 90 percent of the staff dressed up as minions from the popular movie, Despicable Me, he would shave his head like the main character, Gru.

To his surprise on Halloween morning, all of the staff dressed up as yellow minions, with goggles, bananas and all. He entered the gym to find a chair and various shaving tools in the middle of the floor. As the students started to crowd the gym, it became more real that this bet was happening.

Students started cheering and laughing as they found out what was going on. Before Principal Delikowski sat in the chair, he shared some words of wisdom with his students.

"Lesson number one, think before you speak," he said as the crowd laughed. "Lesson number two, when you make a promise, as ridiculous as it may be, as mad as your wife or family might get, follow through."

This principal will sure be more careful the next time he makes a bet.

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