Prevea Health and Aaron Rodgers continue partnership

Green Bay-based health care provider, Prevea Health and Aaron Rodgers have agreed to partner for another four years of promoting health throughout northeastern and western Wisconsin.

The two started their official partnership in 2012 when Rodgers was first featured as Prevea’s voice of wellness.

Now in their fourth year of working together, Rodgers and Prevea recently produced and launched a new campaign focused on helping people get ahead of their own wellness by mapping out their health plan. The communications encourage viewers to visualize “healthy” as a destination – a great place to be.

“A big part of why I love our partnership is that people see how much Prevea cares about them,” said Rodgers. “Prevea is changing the way people look at health care, and I’m happy to be part of that process. I hope that I’m able to give back in a way that players in Green Bay have done before me. As a veteran in the league, I feel it’s my responsibility to pass on knowledge.” 

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