Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Planning to Visit Wisconsin on Monday

Presidential Nominee Donald Trump is planning to visit Wisconsin on Monday.

But details of where and when are nowhere to be found as of Tuesday afternoon when the information was confirmed.

Matt Schuck who is with the WI Trump campaign says Trump is planning the visit on Monday, but that he had no other details to share at this time.

Trump is acknowledging some of the damage of the events of the past several days.

He told a crowd at a rally Tuesday that descriptions of a campaign imploding or exploding are not true.

"I may be limping across that finish line," said Trump. "But we're gonna get across that finish line."

Trump is now taking on members of the GOP who are backing away from him after last week's release of a 2005 Access Hollywood video where he is heard talking about women in a crude manner.

In a tweet Tuesday Trump said "It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me so I can fight for America the way I want to.."

That's a possible reference to the rift between Trump and GOP leaders, among them Wisconsin's Paul Ryan who is urging fellow Republicans to focus on the congressional races.

In his congressional district voter Kandy Moran of Burlington told CBS 58 News that she supports both Ryan and Trump.

"I'm voting for Paul Ryan and I'm voting for Donald Trump regardless of what happens between them," said Moran.

Still, Burlington Republican Volunteer Taylor Wishau said he was frustrated by the feud.

"I just wish they would focus on the issues and stay on point," said Wishau. "That's really it for me."

We might get a better idea how Wisconsin voters feel when the new Marquette University Law School Poll is released on Wednesday.


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