Presidential candidates get boost from Wisconsin officials

NOW: Presidential candidates get boost from Wisconsin officials

DES MOINES, Iowa (CBS 58) -- Before a Democratic nominee is announced in Milwaukee, candidates must win delegates across the country this primary season. That journey begins in Iowa Monday night, Feb. 3. 

While the Republican party unites behind President Donald Trump for his re-election bid, Democrats will have to begin filtering the large field of candidates. 

The field is split between moderates and progressives and Monday's caucuses may begin to indicate where the party is headed. 

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan was in Iowa, in support of Senator Bernie Sanders. Pocan, like many in Iowa, is helping make last-minute pitches to voters before they make their decisions. 

Pocan said it's still not clear who will come out on top. 

"I’ve seen three polls that show it’s pretty much anyone’s game. I think Bernie was up on one and down in another and another showed that four people are viable to get above that 15-percent threshold that you need. So, we’re going to find out. Hopefully the really strong ground game that Bernie’s had will give him what he needs to come out of this but whoever wins Iowa gets a huge bump," said Pocan. 

With the exception of certain satellite caucuses, the main event across the state begins at 7 p.m. Monday night on Drake University's campus in Des Moines, Iowa. 

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