Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg opens Wisconsin campaign office

NOW: Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg opens Wisconsin campaign office


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg visited Milwaukee Saturday to open his new 2020 campaign headquarters.

Bloomberg considers Wisconsin a key state to help him win the election. He told supporters he’s ready to beat President Donald Trump.

Before the grand opening, he first took a brief stroll through the Milwaukee Public Market.

"Our campaign is going to make Wisconsin a top priority, not starting in the Spring or the Summer but right now," Bloomberg said during his grand opening. "You don’t see a lot of Democratic candidates around here, and I thought that was a bad mistake back in 2016, and we’re not going to make that mistake again.”

With a campaign focused on issues as clean energy, affordable health care and criminal justice reform Bloomberg says he’s the alternative to President Trump.

“Trump’s an existential threat to this country, we’ve just got to do it, and I’ll do everything I can to replace him.”

Among those at the grand opening, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who’s known Bloomberg for more than a decade.

“For us, I think having someone with moral character is really important in the White House right now.”

Other Milwaukee residents say they attended the grand opening to really understand the man behind the wealth.

"It's hard to say he's the guy, this is the first time we really had a chance to hear why he's decided to run," resident Earl Ingram said. "He doesn't have to do this, so there's got to be some reason why."

"The business he built was a terrific business model based on real, basic practicality," resident Sandy Williams said. "He's not up there promising to forgive all the student loans or get rid of health insurance, and I want someone who's talking about real things."

But not everyone think Bloomberg is best for to lead the country.

Anna Kelly, spokesperson for Trump Victory in Wisconsin told CBS 58: “Michael Bloomberg believes he can buy his way into Wisconsin and push the same radical policy ideas that plagued New York City during his tenure as mayor. Bloomberg was not good for New York and certainly will not look out for the best interests of Wisconsinites.” 

Bloomberg said he will be back to Milwaukee and Wisconsin. One of the next stops on his list is Houston.

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