Pres. Trump's positive coronavirus diagnosis could have global impact

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A local political expert says President Donald Trump's positive coronavirus test could have worldwide implications. 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee says the news will have a destabilizing effect not only on the global stock market, but international relations. 

Professor Lee says it's inevitable that some adversaries of the U.S. will see this an an opportunity to take advantage of the U.S. because Pres. Trump is sick. 

He says world leaders may see this as an unstable period and they may try to make progress or make negotiations with the U.S. during this time, because Pres. Trump has COVID-19. 

World leaders like UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Russian President Vladimir Putin sent messages wishing Pres. Trump well and a speedy recovery. However, Lee says leaders could be opportunistic during this time. 

“There’s a possibly that a world leader will do some kind of political math. For example Putin, who likes the President, feel that this might be the period to do something relatively aggressive inside Russia in terms of consolidating power or arresting his opponents because of the world’s attention will be on the White House, and the White House would certainly not be in a position to criticize him or take diplomatically action," Lee said. 

Lee added that some countries that he thinks took the pandemic more seriously and were more locked down will say this was inevitable and they are not surprised by the news. 

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