Postal worker fired after tampering with mail in Wauwatosa

NOW: Postal worker fired after tampering with mail in Wauwatosa

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A postal worker has been fired after tampering with mail in Wauwatosa.

Investigators say the postal worker was at the processing plant, opening mail, and stealing anything of value inside. Much of the mail targeted was going to or coming from Wauwatosa.

Nancy Robjohns' mail went missing three different times over the course of summer -- two cards sent to her and one she sent to a friend.

"I thought, she just moved, it will be the first card at her new address and she didn't get it. It just made me feel really cheated that I sent money that didn't arrive," Robjohns said.

At first, she thought it was a mistake until she saw a post on Wauwatosa's Next Door site and posts from dozens of her neighbors.

"It just blew me away how many people are having the exact same problem. I definitely think it's being stolen."

The post office has been getting complaints about mail since May. Recently, a team of agents caught an employee taking things like money, checks, and gift cards. That man has been fired and is awaiting federal charges.

"The vast majority of postal service agents are dedicated public hardworking servants dedicated to moving the mail and would never consider engaging in any form of criminal behavior. The alleged behavior within the postal service is not tolerated."

Investigators say even after they caught the thief, the thefts didn't stop. Agents also believe mail is being tampered with at the Wauwatosa Post Office but don't think the thefts happening there are related to those at the processing plant.

Nancy Robjohns and many others are being cautious until the investigation is over.

"People should know, don't let people send you money especially cash and don't be sending money."

The Postal Service says many who reported their mail or money stolen will be able to get it back.

If you believe that you are the victim of mail theft, you can contact the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General Hotline. That number is 1-888-877-7644. Or you can click here

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