Portage Man Faces Animal-Cruelty Charges in Dog's Death

PORTAGE, Wis. - (WISC) A Portage man faces a felony charge of mistreatment of animals causing death after he allegedly abused a dog while installing speakers in a neighbor's home.

Brandy Rose, Pepe the dog's owner, said 38-year-old Andrew Collette was in her family's home installing speakers when she left to pick up additional supplies and her husband left the home with her kids. She told News 3 that she believes Collette abused Pepe while the family was gone.

Rose said when returned home, Pepe didn't come and greet her.

"My friend and I went into my daughter's bedroom and found her underneath the bed and that's when we pulled her out," Rose said. "Her eye was red and bulged out she didn't even acknowledge me. There was nothing."

Rose took Pepe to a veterinarian, who was forced to put him down due to substantial injuries, including a fractured pelvis, head trauma, and a deflated lung, she said.

The Portage Daily Register reports that Collette has been held in the Columbia County Jail since Feb. 18. If convicted, Collette could face up to three and a half years in prison.

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