Poll workers needed as November election preps get underway in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The state's top election official gave an update on preparations for November's election, and responded to a claim by President Donald Trump where he questioned the security of mail-in voting. 

Officials with the Wisconsin Election Commission say they sent out an informational mailer to 2.6 million registered voters who haven't requested an absentee ballot yet, and give them more information on how to do that. 

Absentee ballots could take up to seven days to be received, and they have to be in by 8 p.m. on election night, Nov. 3, in order to be counted. 

Election officials say many of the 1,850 municipalities across the state are seeing a poll worker shortage for the election. They are encouraging people to sign up to work. 

Wisconsin Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe assured everyone the election will be fair and secure. 

“A lot of safeguards in place on the front end with that issuance and again making sure that only one ballot is attributed per registered eligible voter," Wolfe said. "Then on the back end when clerks get those ballots back, they also have to scan those in and attribute that to a voter’s record and only the ones that have been lawfully issued and only one ballot per voter is actually going to sent to the polls for counting on Election Day.”

State election officials say they plan to hold weekly briefings until the November election to keep everyone updated. 

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