Political observers not sure what to make of recent poll as President Trump's mark six months in office

NOW: Political observers not sure what to make of recent poll as President Trump’s mark six months in office

Forget about a presidential honeymoon.

A new poll shows President Trump's approval rating at 36% the lowest rating in 60 years of any president who's just in office six months.

"This is so unusual. Old rules don't apply," UW Milwaukee Political Science Professor Mordecai Lee tells CBS 58 News. " You don't even know how to interpret it. For what it's worth. We Americans always give a president a honeymoon. Regardless whether we voted for them. That honeymoon with Trump has dropped off the map."

Professor Lee says, generally speaking in American politics, you stick with the hand you've been dealt.

That means supporting the person who won.

"It's not just they sign bills.But, they're the brand of the party. The inclination of Republicans is to stick with him. I think this poll sort of shows him hitting the bottom. There's about a third of Americans who will always like him. The question becomes does this get any worse. I don't think this Presidency fits in with anything. It's hard to judge."

Professor Lee says the poll could be an indication that Americans just don't like seeing chaos and that the allegations surrounding Russian connections and the apparent inability of the White House spokespeople to respond to the controversies gives a chaotic feel.

"Mr. Trump wants to be successful," says Lee. "If he realizes his behavior pattern goes against norms of what we expect of Presidents then I think he can be successful. The worst we can say is he's not a policy wonk. He doesn't get into details of healthcare bill. Reagan wasn't a wonk. Carter was and a terrible president. So, Mr. Trump has the potential to be a successful president."

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