Polish Fest recognizing war in Ukraine with donation booth, Ukrainian dance team this weekend

NOW: Polish Fest recognizing war in Ukraine with donation booth, Ukrainian dance team this weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Polish Fest returns to the Summerfest grounds this weekend, June 10-12, and organizers are making sure to bring awareness to the war in Ukraine.

Since the war in Ukraine started, Poland has played a big part in accepting refugees. Poland has accepted more than two million so far.

"The Polish people are very proud opening their arms to the refugees," said Polish Fest Director Jeff Kuderski.

Kuderski said there will be booths throughout the fest to donate money to help refugees. It is part of the Polish Center of Wisconsin's "People Helping People" fundraiser.

"It goes directly to the non-government organization in Poland that actually buys and purchases water, medical supplies, food for the children and parents," he said. "It helps the Polish economy as well because they're purchasing supplies in Poland. The candy, water, food, and they're distributing it right to the refugees."

The fundraiser has raised more than $200,000 so far.

"They're actually taking truck loads to Lviv and Ukraine to the train station where everybody is waiting to get into Poland because they have nothing. They needed diapers, food," Kuderski said.

Marie Idzikowski with the Polish Center of Wisconsin said there will be a QR code as well so you can donate money on your phone.

"They can walk by and scan to donate directly," she said.

There will also be the Ukrainian dance team at the fest, a speaker, and displays of Ukrainian art.

"We just like to open our hearts and our culture to everyone and also let them know this is what's happening in Ukraine."

Polish Fest will also have a free Catholic Mass on Sunday, June 12 at 10:15 a.m. All donations at the mass will be given to "People Helping People."

Polish fest kicks off Friday at noon and ends Sunday at 8 p.m.

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