Police search landfill, volunteers search East Side in case of missing woman Kelly Dwyer

MILWAUKEE-- It's been more than two weeks since anyone has seen 27-year-old Kelly Dwyer.  Saturday authorities and volunteers hunted for clues in her disappearance.

\"The more eyes that can help search the better,\" Paula Patoka said.

There were two separate searches for Kelly Dwyer Saturday.

Milwaukee Police searched a Menomonee Falls landfill for evidence connected to Dwyer's disappearance. 

\"Anything out of the ordinary,\" Volunteer search leader Chris Schwartz said.   \"Cell phone, wallet, clothing articles, really anything that's out of the ordinary.\"

Volunteers gathered on the East Side near where she was last seen.

Dwyer's been missing for two weeks - with little sign of her.  She was last seen at an apartment building near Lafayette and Summit on the East Side.  Some of her friends helped search along the Oak Leaf Trail. Others who don't even know Dwyer came along.

\"It's an awful thing that happened to their family and I can really feel for them.\"

Patoka doesn't know Dwyer - but has a sister who's been missing for 25 years.

\"They have an important person missing in their family. They have to find an answer and soon.\"

Patoka says you can't give up hope.

\"You can't live the normal way because there's somebody missing.\"

Chris Schwartz organized the search.  He's staying positive even as more time passes.

\"Not too long ago they found three girls in Cleveland, ten years later,\" Schwartz said.  \"There's hundreds of missing people in Wisconsin. You have to have hope, if you have no hope you have nothing.\"

Schwartz says a billboard with Dwyer's picture will go up along I-94 soon.  Another way to keep her in the minds of people in the region.

The last man to see her was 38-year-old Kris Zocco.

He has not been charged in connection Dwyer's case. But Zocco has been charged with 17 counts of possession of child pornography and 3 felony drug counts and two misdemeanors.

When police executed a search warrant on Zocco's apartment while investigating the disappearance of Dwyer they found several CD's and an external hard drive inside a cardboard box on the floor containing  child pornography.

When police were talking to Zocco about Dwyer's disappearance is when they found marijuana, a small amount of cocaine, some prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Zocco made his initial court appearance Saturday for charges for possession of child pornography. He is expected back in court Monday for his preliminary hearing on drug related charges.

Police ask that anyone with information related to Dwyer's disappearance call sensitive crimes at 414-935-7405.

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