Police Search For Man Who Accidentally Fired Gun Inside Sobelman's

Milwaukee police are looking for a man in his twenties who is believed to be responsible for a shooting inside the Sobelman's restaurant near Marquette's campus on W. Wells Street Thursday night. 

The owner at Sobelman's tells us the young man accidentally set off a gun that was in his pocket while he was walking in the front door. He then ran off. It is unclear if he suffered any injuries, but police were checking area hospitals as part of the investigation on Thursday night. 

Four students from Marquette were hurt but suffered only minor injuries from debris caused by the bullet. The owner at Sobelman's tells us the students even went inside to eat after the accident happened. 

Even so, Dave Sobelman tells CBS 58 this is a disturbing incident. 

"You're walking into your favorite place on campus, seems like a relatively safe campus," he said. "All of the sudden, shots go off, shrapnel flies."

Students inside at the time told us that it was frightening. 

"Your mind immediately goes to, 'Is there an active shooter? Is he trying to come inside?' But by the time we really heard about it, it was kind of subdued, so it wasn't as active as it might have been," said Tony Avery. 

Police tell CBS 58 this investigation is ongoing. 

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